Surge Of Urgency For Parkinson’s Disease Treatments And Cure

Illness isn’t partisan.  Both sides of the aisle are subject to health problems. Both sides are going to need more and better healthcare. Illness doesn’t care about socio-economic status, race, or anything else. It has but one mission , and that is to disrupt and challenge the patient. Life is challenging enough without illness, but when illness combines with everyday existence, life can seem overwhelming.

Lately, there has been talk by politicians and the media about colonizing the moon. Only in a comedy club would this even be funny! I am a huge NASA fan and fully support a space program. Let’s be rational. The technological costs and manpower to perform an operation like this would not only take an astronomical cost but it would require years of preparation, and for what purpose?

For the past 20+ years, I have been told that in 5 years we are going to have a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. I heard it from renowned neurologists and even former leaders in the Parkinson’s community. They assured me that a cure was in the pipeline. I was and remain skeptically hopeful. Until the cure comes, it is up to us, as patients, to do what we can for ourselves.

The United States put a man on the moon, largely to prove our abilities to the Russians during the Cold War, but the USA did it, and in a very short time period. It is this kind of focus and dedication to achievement that is needed to make a breakthrough in Parkinson’s Disease and many other illnesses.

Neurological disorders are usually chronic and degenerative, so time is critical. There ought to be a sense of urgency to uncovering the mysteries of illness on this planet before we go colonize anywhere else.


  1. I guess I’m too cynical – why would a drug company want to release a “cure for PD” pill, when they’re looking at a huge revenue stream for drugs that only reduce symptoms and don’t cure? I think we should just buy their stocks and at least make some money as our PD suffering continues long into the future!

  2. You said it brother, “we need a sense of urgency.” Everyday with more frequency I am seeing emails and obits from people I share this disease with. I just call them friends. They are the fortunate ones. Not because of their passing but for them a cure did not come quick enough and now they aren’t suffering. I – We continue to live with PD and the torment continues. May God bless those who he now cares for and those still living and fighting PD everyday.

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