Inspiration Alley

Welcome to Inspiration Alley, this is the exciting new part of our site that is dedicated to highlighting memorable audio, video, photos, and creative tools to teach, remind, laugh, and motivate! We are overjoyed to provide a totally fresh and unique resource that offers specifically chosen messages that will lift you up or get you a message that may be helpful to you!



We highlight articles that we hope will inspire and motivate with messages that may be helpful to you!

Karl Robb with iPad with YouTube logo

YouTube Channel

Our new YouTube channel playlists range from Humor, Mind Tools, Inspiration, to Animal stories that are both amazing and that just make you feel good.



Almost every piece of art or graphic on this site is original to Karl Robb. I have been an avid photographer and doodler for many years. Slowly, the gallery will be filled with many of my best shots.

Combined with our Tools and Resources page (which includes pertinent lists of blogs, podcasts, and important websites) Inspiration Alley is the perfect complement to providing additional entertaining and useful content that may spark self-awareness.
With Inspiration Alley, we hope that you will:

·        Find mindful tools and stories that inspire you.

·        Remember how important adding laughter is to your life.

·        Find something here to make your day.

·        Explore the constantly growing gallery of inspirational art and photos

·        Listen to speeches to learn life lessons and perspectives you may not have considered.

·        Use this new addition to stimulate, motivate, and captivate through visual and auditory recordings.

·        Consider some unique and out of the box suggestions to pursue for improved health.

Our dedication to you, our loyal readers and subscribers (after these 12 years of blogs) is to provide you with useful, uplifting, and unique tools that may make a difference in your daily life. If you find this resource helpful, we encourage you to share it with others!