Awards, Kudos, and Testimonials

We are truly proud to be honored with the following awards:

Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2020
WEGO Health Awards Nominee Blog – 2020
Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2019
MyTherapy Top Parkinsons Blogs Real Life logo 2019
MyTherapy All Top Parkinson’s Blogs 2019
Feedspot Top 50 Parkinson's blogs
Feedspot Top 50 Parkinson’s Blogs
Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2018
Best Parkinson’s Books 2017
Healthline Best Blogs Parkinson's Disease 2017
Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2017 Best 15 Parkinson's Disease Blogs of 2016
Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2016
WPC Official Blogger Partner
World Parkinson Congress Blogger Partner 2016
Healthline's Best Parkinson's blogs 2015
Best Parkinson’s Blogs 2015

Here are just a few kudos we have received about our work:

“Karl Robb is a talented speaker who genuinely cares about helping those in the audience to improve their lives.” 

Andrea M. Perseghin, MEd
Associate Director of  Education and Outreach
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center

Read Mrs. Perseghin’s entire letter here.

“You are an inspiration to all of us living with Parkinson’s Disease.  Your optimism is highly contagious.”

Conference attendee, Cincinnati OH

“Karl and Angela Robb address the complexities of living with Parkinson’s with such authenticity and warmth, leaving audiences educated, encouraged and less alone in the journey.”

Ally Ley
Program Specialist
Davis Phinney Foundation

Inspirational, uplifting, hopeful, real life experiences, wonderful, amazing story,  and encouraging.

Various comments from Conference attendees

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