Parkinson’s Blogs & Informative Parkinson’s Websites

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There are so many fantastic Parkinson’s Blogs & Informative Parkinson’s Websites from people living with Parkinson’s who blog, podcast, YouTube, TikTok, various non-profit organizations, universities and more! Please scroll the page to see them all.

By sharing these resources, I hope you find something that appeals to you and helps you in your journey. Many thanks to Angela for development of this list! If you have any suggestions or anyone who should be added, contact Angela.

Blogs & Podcasts by those Living with Parkinson’s
(no particular order)

A Simple Island Life
Kai Rubenstein

Parkinson’s Diva
Maria De Leon MD (aka Parkinson’s Diva)

Parking Suns
A Life with Parkinson’s Disease
Bruce Ballard

Twitchy Woman
Sharon Krischer
Collective of Parkinson’s Bloggers

Parky Perspective
Eric Slominski

It Is What It Is
Zen and Living with Parkinson’s Disease
Tom Eckhardt

Journey with Parkinson’s
Frank Church

Kathleen Kiddo
Adventures with Parkinson’s

Living with Young Onset Parkinson’s
Musings on life with young onset Parkinson’s Disease

Off and On: The Alaska Parkinson’s Rag
Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Parkinson’s Journey
Author Sherry Woolbridge

Parkinson’s Humor
Bev Ribaudo

Parkinson Radio Parkies
Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Perky Parkie
Allison Smith

YOPNetwork Podcast
Michael Quaglia and PD Friends

Out-Thinking Parkinson’s
Gary Sharpe & Deb Helfrich

2 Mike’s Parkinson’s Podcast
Michael Quaglia & Mike Achin

The Parkinson’s Experience
Sheryl Lowenhar MBA RPh

PD Movement Lab
Pamela Quinn

Shaking Things Up
Mary Beth Skylis

Slow is the New Fast
Jean Mellano

Tomorrow Edition
Benjamin Stecher

Parkinson Secrets
Michael Okun, Indu Subramanian, Jonny Acheson

Strength in Weakness
Jeremy Likness

Life Through the Lens of Parkinson’s

The F—it List
Emma Lawton

Unshakable MD
Dr. Soania Mathur

PD Wise
Allan Cole

You, Me, & PD
Jeremy Likness & Doreen (his wife)

Me, Mom & Dad

On Time: A Parkinson’s Podcast
Brian Grant & Heather Kennedy

Chaitanya Puri

What’s Shaking Man
Steve Steinberg

Parkinson’s Organizations
(no particular order)

American Parkinson Disease Association

Brian Grant Foundation

Caregiver Action Network

Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society (DAPS)

Davis Phinney Foundation

Delay the Disease
David Zid & OhioHealth

Houston Area Parkinson Society (HAPS)

Maryland Association for Parkinson Support (MAPS)

Michael J Fox Foundation

Melvin Weinstein Parkinson’s Foundation

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation

Young Onset Parkinson’s Network

Parkinson Foundation

Parkinson Social Network

Parkinson Society British Columbia

Parkinson Society Nova Scotia

Parkinson Voice Project (PVP)

Parkinson’s Movement

Parkinson’s Resources (PRO)

Parkinson’s UK

Power Over Parkinson’s

PCLA – Parkinson’s Community Los Angeles

PD Avengers

Power for Parkinson’s

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust

The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society

Wilkins Parkinson’s Foundation

PMD Alliance

Informational Parkinson’s Websites and Podcasts

Journal of Parkinson’s Disease
Edited by Patrik Brudin and Bastiaan Bloem

Parkinson’s News Today

Parkinson’s Life

Parkinson’s on the Move

Parkinson Secrets
Dr. Michael Okun

Rock Steady Boxing

The Mighty’s
Guide to Parkinson’s Disease
– Overview
– Symptoms
– Diagnosis
– Treatment
– Resources

The Parkinson’s Podcast
Davis Phinney Foundation

The Science of Parkinson’s
Dr. Simon Stott

Voice Aerobics
Mary Spremulli MA, CCC-SLP

Reflections on Parkinson’s Disease
Dr. Bas Bloem & Dr. Werner Poewe