Online Resources

The following is an extensive list of resources that my researcher, partner, soul mate, best friend, carepartner, and spouse, Angela Robb, has curated and has graciously shared here with us.

Movement or Exercise Instruction Online

  • Dance for PD – Every day of the week, the Mark Morris Dance Group offers Dance for PD classes available online via Zoom. See their website for more details and schedule.
  • Parkinson’s on the Move – Alexander Tressor (who has personal connection to Parkinson’s) offers a library of exercises that are available on his website.
  • Parkinson Foundation has launched PD Health @ Home with online events with Mindfulness Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, and Fitness Fridays
  • My Parkinson’s Gym – Offers a variety of on demand recorded exercises (some are free/some require membership) from Alec Langstein, a personal trainer with extensive experience working with those with Parkinson’s Disease. He provides exercises you can do on your own at home while being safe!
  • Power for Parkinson’s – Provides free online exercises via YouTube and YouTube LiveStream along with in person exercise in Austin, TX.
  • Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s – Offers virtual exercise classes throughout the week online.
  • Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation has Yoga, Tai Chi, and Feldenkrais classes available online. Visit their website for dates and more information.
  • The Brian Grant Foundation offers some online exercise videos on Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, and more!
  • Let’s Combat Micrographia offers online workshops – both online live and self-paced on their website to help with small handwriting and hand exercises.

Voice Practices Online

For Caregivers:

Webinars & Educational Programs

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 Covid-19/Coronavirus Information

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