Fending Off Crisis

Since the invention of life, it has all been about preserving it, healing it, living it, and  bettering it. How we do all or any of the four components,  can take a complete lifetime or more of learning. Life would be so complete and easy if there weren’t those nasty and annoying bumps, tragedies, and crisis–right?Maybe not.

Heartache,  pain, and suffering are among life’s lowest trips in the human experience.  Sometimes, how we deal with an unexpected blow is just as important and vital as the blow itself.  One’s initial reaction to most stimuli is panic, adrenalin rush,  and to act out of desperation.  If we are able to process our mind and heart in a cohesive manner, working together, we  would know how to get through the toughest of times. When your head and heart work in conjunction, it just feels right. Maybe, one can attain true peace and fend off crisis with this harmonic balance of mind and body. 

Finding balance in any part of our lives is difficult and takes dedication.  Sometimes it takes sacrifice. Sometimes those tragedies become painful but valuable teaching aids that stick with us the rest of our life.