5 Reasons Why My Cat and Dog Must Be Alien Life Forms!

 Here’s a little piece I wrote that I hope will make you smile,  giggle:, or brighten your day:

1. Cutting Contact from the Outside World–They hoard my attention and refuse to allow me to contact or interact with other humans!

2. Populating My House and Space- Both life forms are molting a coat for what I think will soon be a duplicate or multiple of the original form–it must be replicating! I keep finding hair everywhere!

3. World Domination- Slowly, they are intentionally draining my resources (and nerves) in hopes that I will run out of patience and  money!

4. Mind Control- They constantly remind me of the same thing over and over: they remind me to feed them, they remind me to pay attention to them, they remind me to brush them, they remind me to  let them out–help!

5. Defiance-They live in my house and I am just lucky that they don’t throw me out–because they don’t hear a thing I say or do a thing I ask!

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