Use Energy Wisely

“Never waste energy or worries on negative thoughts.” This is a quote from Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Master and film legend. 

When one applies this quote to Parkinson’s Disease or any illness, while it may sound profound and insightful at first, how does one with an illness, do anything but worry?  To worry about our future is pure human nature. Some worry may be considered practical if the worry is over a factor that can be altered or changed by some reasonable means. If there is worry for a problem or issue beyond one’s ability and there is nothing that can be done, then worry is nothing but detrimental to mind and body.

Don’t ever get the sense that there are no options or alternatives. Windows open when doors shut.  There may not be a key to every lock that we encounter, but we owe it to ourselves to make as many options available to ourselves as possible. Taking a fresh perspective on a problem can create new opportunities that we may have missed or overlooked.

Healing begins in the mind.  We become what we believe.  The body has a will that may take control at times but it does not operate totally by itself. If we are able to ease the worries that burden the mind, the tension on the body should be relieved from the damaging thoughts.