Parkinson’s Disease and Your Identity

As an advocate for Parkinson’s disease (PD) awareness and issues related to this illness for so long, it can, at times,  be easy to blur the lines of my identity and the disease itself. Losing one’s identity in the haze of illness may be comforting or even natural but, I am not my illness.

Healing begins once you take back those thoughts and feelings that you may have relinquished to the disease.  It’s about not giving in but making the necessary changes in your life that somewhere along the way, your mind and body may have not gotten what they needed spiritually or chemically. Now, your body is crying for change and the time has come to listen.

Listening to the mind can come in many forms, be it intuition, meditation, or self discovery, but however you get the message, calming the mind will serve you well on many levels on your road to health and healing. Self awareness comes through self-care. Once the mind is under control and focus is clear, attention to the body and issues of physical concern may be addressed.

Healing oneself may require discipline and dedication almost to the point of selfishness. Devotion to improving your condition is the jumpstart needed to taking back control in your life.