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My wife, Angela and I have been proud contributors to for over 5 years. In collaboration with, we developed a video series about our colleagues which became The Voices of Our Community series! We encourage you to watch the 5 (currently only 4 are available) videos to learn more about these amazing people and how they are living with Parkinson’s disease! provides an online community on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for those living with Parkinson’s and those caring for those living with Parkinson’s a place to learn from others living with Parkinson’s through sharing stories, articles, conversations, and discussions.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our fellow advocates, not only through our on camera interviews, but also in the pre-interview chats, that we had. Everyone’s story was so unique but at the same time, they had this thread of sharing their stories with the hope of helping others to try to avoid some of the challenges that they faced. Sharing wisdom is so inspiring and empowering! 

Phil Horton – Phil describes how his doctor encouraged him to get off the couch and get active, which has made all the difference in the way he lives with Parkinson’s.

Shamsa Hussain – Shamsa discusses the challenges of making the most of her “on” times with her medications and balancing trying not to do too much!

Frank Church – Frank shares his unique perspective of being a clinical researcher and also living with Parkinson’s. He also describes the moment that he decided to tell his students.

Marc Mitnick – Marc’s professional career as a speech language pathologist (speech therapist) and a counselor motivates him to encourage and support others living with Parkinson’s.



  1. Just listening to the Voices of our Community series-what a great attitude Phil has – really made me think and also calm down a bit 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sharon, for your comment! I am so pleased that you found benefit from the Voices of Our Community series.

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