Five or More… with Robin Elliott, Executive Director & CEO of PDF

Meet the people leading the Parkinson's organizations!
Meet the people leading the Parkinson’s organizations!

I am so pleased to have Robin Elliott, the Executive Director and CEO of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation answering my questions on my blog today. This is right before the World Parkinson Congress  in Portland, Oregon, where thousands will congregate to discuss, share, convene, and educate one another on the latest research in this illness.


Here are eight questions. Five of them are strongly encouraged that you answer them. The remaining three questions are your choice whether you want to provide an answer or not. Thank you for participating.

Required questions:


Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, or Ethiopian—what is your favorite cuisine?




What do you like on your pizza?




Of the four seasons, which is your favorite time of the year?




How many World Parkinson Congress events have you attended?


Four (including this one in 2016)


What are you looking forward to most in Portland, site of the WPC 2016?


Riding a bus tour (if time allows) of the one major city in America that I have never visited




Tell us something about yourself that we might not know about you that you would like to share.


I love to play the piano — preferably in private — and the church organ


Where would you like to go, that you have never been before?


Australia and New Zealand


What is the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) working on that you would like to tell us?


PDF ‘s new program of research and education on the special problems that are confronted by women who have Parkinson’s Disease