Celebrates 100th Posting

My 100th Posting

For this, my 100thposting on (a soon to be book), I thank you, the reader, who with your loyalty and faithful input has inspired me to write my next 100 postings. I hope that one or more of my postings makes you smile, think, question, or laugh.

I offer you this thought to commemorate my 100thposting:

Maybe true happiness comes from what you are and not what you have.


  1. Thank you Karl for the memories. You have brought happiness and joy and insightful conversation to many of us in the Parkinson’s community. You’ve inspired thought and created awareness with your words. We’ve laughed and cried with you and learned from your posts and we’ve enjoyed the ride. Don’t slow down now. We equally look forward to the next hundred or so.

    1. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for reading this blog!

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