What do we know about our food?

Unless you grow your own food, how much can you account for that plant’s purity? But wait, there’s more–is your plant (GMO) genetically modified? Do you even know? How can you know for certain?

Technical advances and food production have made supposed advances and modifications, but at what cost to the consumer? Food packaging has more information than ever and yet it takes a chemical engineer or an hour on Google to decipher the preservatives, gums, fillers, sugar substitutes, or anything that may be artificially infused. More information is better as long as the data is understandable, pertinent, and accurate.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our food history were posted on our packaging? The package would tell us when the veggies were picked, how long it took them to get to market, and if they were sprayed with any kind of pesticide, i.e. Roundup (which studies since 2003 have been saying may lead to Parkinson’s Disease)? Eating organic is probably the healthiest of our options but unless we grew it ourselves, what assures us that our fruits and veggies are untainted?

Something to ponder, today.

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  1. Now Karl…you made me think today and as my wife will attest, that is a real acoomplishment. We should require more labeling and disclosure of our food. A good example to follow is the FDA requirements to disclose what country of origin our fruits and vegetables came from or what country is responsible for our fish. This should be the standard for all our food supply. An indepth look at the PANN.org website reveals which countries use which pesticides. Then you would just not purchase lets say, Chilean grapes or Brazillian citrus. This is sure to drive up prices because labor costs are higher for domestic products. I know you had a good point Karl and you’re right. So, I don’t mean to rain on your parade but if I have to think about everything that I put into my mouth, I’ll go crazy. For me, I’m sticking to the 3 basic food groups:
    Beans, Bacon and Beef…with a side salad!!!

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