Lesson from my chocolate lab

Lessons from my Chocolate Lab

Laughter is such a healthy and stress reducing activity. Whether one has Parkinson’s disease or not,  laughter has healing properties. It is so easy to stress over something that we ought to laugh at instead. My Chocolate Lab, who is now 3 years old, has taught me so much. I thought that I might share.

Lessons from my Chocolate Lab:

1. There is always time to play. Work is important but so is play.

2. A ball is more than a toy. A ball can unite the world. When we play fetch both of us are focused on one singular purpose. We understand one another. We are linked in the experience. All the stresses and worries fade and it is just us and the ball.

3. When you’re cute,  you can get away with a great deal more than the less attractive.

4. Too much of a good thing like, water, grass,  anything on the sidewalk, anything you wouldn’t even dream of eating, and anything you know you shouldn’t eat, probably isn’t that good for you.

5. Lab means “vacuum” in Latin, I think.

6. “Cookie” and “come” mean the same thing.

7. “No” doesn’t apply to Labs.

8.  What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.

9. Furniture makes a great napkin.

10. If I make you laugh then that means I get another chance to try your patience.

11. Everybody wants to pet me.

12. I don’t discriminate. I bark at the UPS man, the FedEx man, and the mailman.


  1. Having just returning home from a long 12 days travelling, some business, some fun, and having extra baggage in the form of my neices’ 5 year old pug, I can certainly relate to your post.

    Part of our trip included her wedding and dog sitting for her and her new husband while they honeymoon in Key West. I have “Mugsy” for only a week but I’ve learned so much as you indicate. I would agree with most everything you’ve listed and would include the following:

    ~ when faced with an animal of another species, do not antagonize, especially if they have sharp claws!
    ~ when the urge strikes you…pee on everything. This I’ve learned from Calvin and Hobbes.
    ~ and finally, my last bit of advice, night time is for sleeping NOT BARKING!

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