The Media and Parkinson’s Disease

I read a story from a major newspaper that gave incomplete and not entirely accurate medical advice to a reader. This is the second piece of blatant mis-information that I have seen on the Web. It bothers me when I see advice about Parkinson’s disease that leaves out vital information, quotes antiquated research, or is just plain wrong.

Use the information that you get from the media, wisely. Do some of your own investigation and see what other resources say.  See if  doctors,researchers, patients, or caregivers have anything to say about what was written or said. Just because it is in print doesn’t mean it makes it fact.  Get your medical research and information from reliable sites that are credible like associations, foundations, universities/colleges, and of course hospitals and clinics. (A brief resource list is on the right –for a start.)

It is important to weed out misinformation about Parkinson’s disease or any condition. inaccurate medical advice can be harmful. Stay informed.  That’s my opinion——this is not medical advice and I am not a doctor.