Picture Of The Week – Staying Social

There is no question that the challenges that come with having Parkinson’s Disease may weed out friendships, acquaintances, or colleagues. Our truest friends and those who care about us will stand beside us when needed most. Keeping social and maintaining your relationships as best you can will help to keep your network active and provide a foundation for support and assistance.    

Build a network of friends and support!

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  1. Well said Karl. You are absolutely right. I’ve always said that “friends are like teabags. You can tell how strong they are when you get into a little hot water.” I’m not quite sure that Parkinson’s Disease can quite compare to a kettle of hot water but it sure comes close sometimes. I think PD raises our level of tolerance and enhances our ability to overcome adverse situations. It is a learned response and requires patience and inner strength. Socially speaking, it isn’t a condition that lends itself to poise and grace and ultimately alienates our true identity and our relationships with those around us. There is no doubt that Parkinson’s will change our lives but it is our choice whether it is a positive or a negative and likewise our social relationships respond.

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