The New Year Brings New Possibilities!

In today’s #MotivationMonday, the new year means opportunities and a chance to make a better year for ourselves. Taking better care of ourselves is a gift to those who care about us, and not a selfish act.

We have all been impacted by the ongoing pandemic whether it has been loss of family or friends. There is no question that COVID-19 limitations and restrictions have dampened travel, socialization, human touch, food service, and a way of life that is, right now, quite different from what was the norm, 2 years ago. Focusing on what is within our power and knowing what it is that we hope to achieve, in the year is a starting place.

The unknown has a habit of throwing out roadblocks and detours as well as a new on-ramp or bridge when you need it. Starting with a positive outlook and being prepared to dodge and weave with regularity may be needed to remain flexible in this pandemic. It is of the utmost importance to remain committed to the betterment of the one body that you have control of–and that is yours!

Sunny Day at boat landing on Shenandoah River by Karl Robb