Stretch and Grow-10 Keys to Maximizing Your Happiness and Growth

  1. Never lose the curiosity and desire to learn more about everything! Science, art, music, history, and the world around us can feed our quest for knowledge and understanding as we continue to learn.
  2. Try picking up a new talent or improving upon an old one. If you enjoyed playing an instrument, performing magic, shuffling and dealing cards, juggling, whistling, telling a joke, then think hard on what would bring you the greatest joy to add to your abilities, and explore it.
  3. As we age, keeping focus becomes more of a challenge. Work on maintaining focus with brain games, puzzles, reading, and even video games.
  4. Singing and keeping conversation are good for voice and concentration.
  5. Challenging yourself and enjoying yourself at the same time, is very satisfying.
  6. Music keeps me inspired, active, and makes my day so much more enjoyable.
  7. I love to-do lists and marking off my completions–it just feels good!
  8. Fear happens to all of us–when we can reduce our fear and anxiety, everything seems to get better.
  9. Giving back and focusing less on ourselves can result in helping everyone involved.
  10. Being bad can be fun–sometimes eating something that makes you smile, turning off the phone for a few hours, or having a late-night ice cream party can reignite the kid in us that we forget sometimes.