Back To School–Keep It Going!

I haven’t purchased a new backpack or stocked up on office supplies. Ads galore remind me that it is time to go back to school. I reminisce of Trapper Keepers, bagged lunches, hours of homework, and finding the ability to appreciate the joy of learning.

Going back to school has new meaning to me as I near my late forties. I ask myself, did I ever truly leave school? Life requires constant learning–the classroom and playground may have changed. but many of  the lessons still hold up.

1. A large part of school, in general, is finding your way into a peer group that is comfortable for you. 

2. Much of school is discovering who you are and what you want to accomplish.

3. If nurtured, school can show you where your talents lie.

4. School forces you to interact with a wide diversity of people whether you want to or not.

5. Whether it is grammar school or college, education broadens our exposure and appreciation for the importance of knowledge.

Learning never stops and everyday is back to school. I don’t enjoy seeing summer end. I think of all the Seasons, summer ranks high  in my top 4. Keeping back to school alive is a wonderful reminder that we should always continue to learn. Enjoy the rest of your summer!