Speaker Karl Robb at Podium Young Onset Parkinson's Conference Georgia

Making A Believer

While in Atlanta, at The Southeastern Parkinson Conference, I had the honor to perform  Reiki (an ancient form of hands-on energy work), on almost a dozen conference participants. Some had tried the therapy but most had not.

Even having done Reiki on hundreds, if not more, I am continually impressed and in awe of what I have seen result from a session:

– One gentleman hadn’t slept well and 3 minutes into the session slept for about another  25 minutes. Like most Reiki recipients, I saw his eyes get clearer, his facial expression soften, and his stress melt away. He was relaxed and at peace, following the session.

– Another gentleman was battling with his body with a bout of energy draining dyskinesia  (severe and tiring uncontrollable body twitching an moving) that had plagued him all day. After a brief 15 minute session, his twitching subsided for the day or more.

– Two friends were exhausted and worn out. Following both their sessions, their stiff limbs softened and released as did much of their stress.

– I got to help a friend who had a severe tremor in her foot which caused the whole leg to shake. After less than 10 minutes, her tremor stopped and she fell into a deep relaxing slumber.

These are just a few of the wonderful transformations that I have seen and personally experienced. Reiki came into my life over 15 years ago. I know for certain that due to Reiki, I feel better, continue to improve, and have a tool that I find helps me get better. I am not a scientist but after all the people that I have seen benefit from Reiki, there is little doubt that Reiki has real merit.