It Wasn’t On The Box!

What do you know about the food you had for lunch yesterday or the pizza that you had last night? I’ll give you an example.  I’m a long-time vegetarian who for years loved my Pizza Hut pizza, until I found out that there was beef broth in the sauce–that’s NOT very vegetarian.  There is no gray area in my vegetarian domain.  If I were a female, I couldn’t be a little pregnant.  Excuse me,  but someone who consumes any Pork, Chicken,  Beef, or Fish or any once living breathing animal or that animal’s bi-product like blood or gelatin (bone marrow),  and claims to be a vegetarian ,is mocking the definition.  I don’t know if Pizza Hut got wise and cleaned up their act, but they burned that bridge with me a long time ago. There’s no going back for this veghead.

This leads me to a bitter discovery that I stumbled upon,  thanks once again to the power of Google and the Web.  It happened like this:  My wife and I, ever in search of a tasty healthy solution for supplementing our daily vegetarian diet, found the Quorn protein solution. You’ve probably seen it in your local store’s freezer section.  The mycoprotein  supposedly originates from a mushroom. The textured protein has a consistency close to that of chicken,  at least as I can best remember what chicken tasted like some decades ago. The Product comes in a variety of very tasty flavors and  shapes such as nuggets, cutlets, crumbles, Buffalo Wing Spicy, and several more.

I have Parkinson’s Disease and my wife is prone to suffer from headaches. As regular Quorn consumers for several years, not until I guessed that something in the Quorn might be triggering her headaches did this idea come to light. Nothing  on the package’s list of ingredients were a red flag, so what could it be? Not until I went to the website did I see the answer. It was on the FAQ page answering ‘What Is Mycoprotein?’:

 From Quorn’s site: Mycoprotein for Quorn foods is grown using a controlled fermentation process so that it can be harvested consistently. All natural vegetable flavorings are added to the mycoprotein to create the desired flavor (like chicken or beef), as well as a small amount of egg white. Then it’s formed into shapes like nuggets, tenders and cutlets.

If you know anything about some chronic headache sufferers, they should avoid aged cheeses, sulfites as found in grapes, wines, and fermented products. There was nothing on the product label about it containing anything fermented–Nothing! So much for label reading!

Read your labels but go even farther and research your food. I’m saddened, perturbed, and puzzled that ingredients that may be of detriment to our health and well-being are being strategically and clandestinely re-named or simply stricken from the box altogether.

Do your own food Googles and see what you find about what’s in your fridge or freezer.  Tell me what  you discover.

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