Little Things Facing Parkinson's Nature Karl Robb

Little Things – Facing Parkinson’s

No matter how well any of us live our lives, it is easy to complain about something. We are either stressed, overworked, too busy, too tired, or too this or that. The continuous treadmill of our life is set by the choices that we make, whether by choice or circumstance. When facing Parkinson’s disease, it can add to issues to complain about, but it makes us more appreciative of what we can still do.

Little Things Facing Parkinson's Nature Karl RobbSome of our most underappreciated pleasures are the beauty and peace that we receive from nature. Just a few minutes in a quiet park, a walk along the beach, a visit to a green forest, or any venue that calms you down is a simple pleasure that can cut your stress and rejuvenate you for the day.  The sounds of nature and being immersed in the greenery of nature is an experience that we all need to incorporate into our day. Little things or moments are not so little.