Facing Parkinson’s: Widening Your Perspective

Consider widening your perspective and exploring what you are attracted to and what you enjoy. The complexity and uniqueness of this illness combined with your regimen of pharmaceuticals makes you like no other. Twidening your perspective Valley Sunset Karl Robb 2023here is no recipe that applies to us all but there are a variety of exercises, therapies, mind tools, practices, and treatments that may be worth a try. Remaining rigid and unwilling to experiment with anything new will limit your options.

Keep active, flexible, fit, and healthy, with Rock Steady boxing, Dance for PD, Parkinson Voice Project, and a variety of other available tools that can make a difference in your life. Waiting between doctor’s visits to make changes in your condition may be too late. Trial and error may be the best way to uncover benefit if there is little expense and downside.



  1. I so agree with you, Karl. I found a gym that, for some reason, has mostly seniors, and so we are all there together trying to build and maintain our bodies, no matter what out condition or age. I try to go five times a week.
    The other things I do include art, memoir writing, and hanging out with an 8 year old granddaughter.
    I have a community of friends who share common beliefs and we look out for each other.

    1. Thank you, Elisa, for that great comment on using so many diverse tools for your health and wellness! Wonderful examples of keeping active! Stay well!

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