Tools of humor and music

Facing Parkinson’s with the Tools of Humor and Music

Facing Parkinson’s may be easier by taking advantage of the tools of humor and music. Neurologically, laughter and music activate or develop more dopamine and other beneficial neuroprotective factors. If Parkinson’s disease were an issue all by itself and life as we know it didn’t intervene, this disease might be far more manageable without the stresses of daily living! Laughing everyday and playing music that moves you or has a connection can get you inspired and moving. Getting up and off the couch is an achievement and if music has that much power to motivate change, then it should become an important part of your regimen. Humor and music are wonderful tools that cost very little but are easily implemented into your day.

Laughter can be easy to forget when facing an illness, but it makes the day so much brighter. A deep laugh cleanses the lungs and just feels so refreshing. Life with or without an illness produces unexpected or unforgettable funny moments that are hilarious and laughable. Look at the situation with a fresh perspective and free yourself from being your worst critic. A chuckle, a laugh, or a guffaw are a lighter, less tense and more forgiving nature that will offer release from the seriousness of a chronic condition. I have found online improv classes to be beneficial, cathartic, and supportive with fellow Parkinsonians. We laugh more than anything and the exercises of improvisation build strong bonds.