Joe Sartore’s Photo Ark

Saving our Planet begins and ends with us!
Saving our Planet begins and ends with us!

mlviewenhanced1 viewchangedskyland2015 DSCN9767If you follow me and read this blog, you know that I have a passion for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. Yesterday, on a dreary, dismal, dank, and overall gloomy day, my wife, and my father visited the National Geographic Museum in DC to see the amazing work of Joel Sartore. His Photo Ark of extinct or near extinct species on this planet is moving, inspiring, tearful, shameful, eyeopening, jaw-dropping, and purely beautiful. His images capture a one-on-one connection with every being that he encounters. This is a collection and an exhibition that every human on this planet needs to see and inhale. If it doesn’t move you or cause you to question your actions as a human being, then something is terribly wrong.

I implore you that you try to support the Photo Ark project.

I have included a few of my wildlife photos–I hope you enjoy!



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