RoadToChange by Karl Robb

Goals and Facing Parkinson’s

Staying on topic and keeping focused with Parkinson’s disease can be very difficult for many of us. Only with great concentration, practice, and maybe with extra training of our mind, might we achieve some improvement. Multitasking and Parkinson’s are a terrible pairing. Attempting to juggle more than one ball in the air at a time is dangerous and not necessary.

Goals and Parkinson's DiseaseWe are so inundated with messages of all kinds that staying on our own path and keeping focused on our own task quickly becomes more challenging. Staying true to purpose and remaining on a targeted goal takes vision, concentration, and commitment to getting the job done.  It is far too easy to be sidetracked from our goals and endeavors from outside and unforeseen forces.

It is so important to remind yourself of the goal that you have set and to remain on the road. You may stray from the ultimate goal but if your mind waivers at times, nudge yourself back to remind yourself of what you set out to achieve. Create a mindset of envisioning the finish line to completing this one goal so that you might be able to move forward to the next.

As we conclude our Facing Parkinson’s series for the 2023 Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we thank you for your attention and readership! We will continue to share our voices and support for our Parkinson’s community.


  1. Goals require a certain degree of optimism, and I’m so grateful that I do not suffer from depression and negative thinking. Still, even just two years into my diagnosis, I can see that fatigue and loss of mobility gradually creeps in. My intention is to be realistic in the adjustment of my goals because I have always been a doer. Now I need to give myself resting times, and to honestly appraise what I can do safely and sanely. This requires acceptance. I work on that daily.,
    I am, at this point a busy artist and grandmother. Today I taught an art class and tonight I watched my 8-year-old granddaughter catch a softball backhanded while her fans went crazy. Life, for me, is still thrilling.

    1. Thank you, Elisa for sharing your lovely comment! You are so productive and busy! Love it!

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