Be Open while Facing Parkinson's

Be Open while Facing Parkinson’s

It is a difficult task to face Parkinson’s disease. This illness forces you and those who care about you to make changes and accommodations that you had not expected. Some daily events or simple jobs may have to be canceled or postponed. What was once very natural to you may now be a challenge. Learning to work around this illness may just be the key.

Fighting, battling, being at war, or even struggling with, are all terms of turmoil and violence. Maybe we could change the way we use our energy to not fight it but to find solutions that work for us that counteract symptoms. There is no explicable reason, at least scientifically, why some therapies can show benefit but are not easily substantiated, therefore, since they do not fit the testing model, these practices are discounted or untapped.

Over 25 years ago, I was exposed to Reiki purely by coincidence. I was a skeptic. I can tell the world that had my Reiki master teacher and dear friend did not taught me Reiki, I question whether I would still be here.

I did not understand it, nor did I have any faith in what sounded outside of my beliefs. Reiki is an ancient practice using universal life force energy to recharge yourself and others. The first training is all about self-care. The first time that I experienced a reiki session, I was in awe after a deep peaceful sleep, a feeling of great joy, and food even tasted better to me. Since my first exposure to reiki, 25 years ago, I became a Reiki master along with my wife who had a similar epiphany.

Reiki or something else may call out to you. It may take some investigation, but don’t stop searching for what works for you!  Be open to new possibilities. Science can’t explain how it works but I know it works for me.