The Many Voices Facing Parkinson’s Disease

There are many voices facing Parkinson’s Disease throughout our community with experiences, perspectives, research information, or helpful ideas that might improve your quality of life. Everyone’s perspective on how PD impacts their life is of importance! Reading, listening, watching, meeting bloggers and writers, and the fascinating people in the Parkinson’s community, offers a variety of resources from voices that need to be recognized. This chorus of experiences will give you a good cross section of what people are talking about, current issues, and offering a connection and hope!

Many Voices Facing Parkinson's DiseaseThe writers, podcasters, and advocates listed are living with Parkinson’s disease or caring for someone with Parkinson’s. Some of these summaries are copied directly from the writer’s or podcaster’s website. If you would like to view the entire list that we have collected, please visit our Parkinson’s Blogs & Informative Parkinson’s Websites page.

Twitchy Woman – Sharon Krischer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2009. She has since become an advocate for men and women affected by the disease to find a way to move on.

Parkinson’s Diva – Dr. Maria De León is a board certified retired Movement disorder specialist. Dr. De León shares her story worldwide with clinicians, scientists, patients, and caregivers alike inspiring professionals and lay persons to change their view and understanding of the field of dealing with chronic illness in particular in terms of issues of women and minority in the Parkinson’s arena.

The Perky ParkieI am a medical anomaly, advocate for people, freakishly smart, believer of unicorns, self-proclaimed addict of frozen yogurt, secretly a ninja, and personally planning the assassination of Barbie…Oh and I have Parkinson’s disease. 

YOPN’s Living Well Starts Here podcast – Michael Quaglia and Friends – Michael (of the 2 Mikes Parkinson’s Podcast) and friends with Parkinson’s (Mike Achin, Gavin Mogan, Heather Kennedy, Jon Braddock, and more) host a wide range of guests, with and without Parkinson’s disease, on the YOPNetwork podcast.

When Life Gives You Parkinson’s – Larry Gifford and his wife, Rebecca are co-hosts for this honest and revealing podcast. They address a variety of topics, interviews, and share their personal journey with Parkinson’s.

Alan ColePD WISE was created as a hub for sharing personal stories, experiences, and wisdom gained from living with Parkinson’s and aims to encourage these connections and opportunities for learning.

Benjamin StecherIn November, 2013 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I was a 29 year old kid doing quite well for myself living and working in China when I got the news. Benjamin is the co-author of the book titled, Brain Fables

Jon Braddock – Author of Welcome to the YOPD Club book 1 and 2 – From Jon’s author page on Amazon: When I was diagnosed with YOPD at the age of 43, I didn’t know where to turn for information. I listened to podcasts from specialists, read books, attended support groups, joined Facebook pages, talked with my physician, but what I really wanted was to hear from people my age that were contending with the disease. 

Parkinson’s Humor by Yuma Bev – My name is Bev and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2007 at age 47, but my symptoms started in my 30’s. Humor comes naturally to me and a little disease like Parkinson’s can’t take it away. Bev has been blogging since 2011!

Parking Suns – Bruce BallardI started this blog in February, 2015, after reading an article on the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s Facebook page.  The Fox web article (which, coincidentally, was published on Feb. 6, my birthday) included this sentence:  “Research suggests that writing, and editing, our own stories may help reduce stress and boost health.”

Journey with Parkinson’s – Frank Church – Frank Church is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) in the School of Medicine. Frank received his diagnosis of Parkinson’s in early 2014 at the age of 60 years old. – At we empower patients and caregivers to take control of Parkinson’s disease by providing a platform to learn, educate, and connect with peers and healthcare professionals.

Life, Lemons, and Lemonade – Lori DePorter – When Lori discovered at 45 that she had young-onset Parkinson’s, she struggled with her diagnosis but decided to attack it with the same tenacity, passion, and care she brought to her career as an engineer, marriage, and motherhood (of 3 boys).

Shaking Things Up – Mary Beth Skylis – When her dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013, her search to understand the disease materialized through language. She now writes to help others understand the disease and how to be a compassionate caregiver.

Eric Slominski – Parky Perspective – My name is Eric Slominski and I’m just like everyone else, except I have Parkinson’s disease. This gives me a slightly different view of the world – a Parky Perspective.

Sherri Woodbridge – Sherri is a long time blogger in our community. She has written for her personal blog and at Parkinson’s News Today at the Journey Through Parkinson’s Disease column.