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Living Well with Parkinson’s disease

Living well with Parkinson's disease - Picture of a orange sunset by Karl Robb 2022Living well with Parkinson’s disease may mean something very different to us all. The uniqueness of every individual with this illness makes diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis difficult, varied, sometimes limited, and often challenging. If we take the time for ourselves and make self-care a priority, we may uncover, discover, or even fall into a completely unexpected but mysteriously helpful tool that we didn’t know ever existed.

Three Tools for Wellness

Below are 3 tools that I found have served me well, improved my quality of life, and maybe even slowed the progression of Parkinson’s for my four decades living with it.

  • When I made the change to following a vegetarian diet with a reduction to dairy intake, I discovered my medicines worked more efficiently, my digestion improved, and my stamina got better!
  • Lowering stress and anxiety is so important not just for Parkinson’s but to improve mood, sleep, and potential triggers to other symptoms. Learning to breathe deeply, whether it is yoga, reiki, qigong, tai chi, or another technique, know that there are options to choose from.
  • Your attitude impacts all of your choices and how you look at your condition, how you treat those around you, and whether you can keep a positive outlook.  If you choose to stay positive, as it is a choice, you will find that you and those around you will be more attracted to you. Keeping a positive outlook can help you remain calm, help your body reduce tension, and ease the anxiety of the mind. 


  1. I absolutely agree. Self-care is so important. In my work and in my private life, I know how important it is to look after myself both pre and post diagnosis. We are ultimately the only ones who can really know what we need and make sure we look after ourselves.

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