A picture of the blue sky and Gateway Arch by Karl Robb 2023

Media Can Be Helpful

Unexpectedly, Sunday morning, I woke to NPR’s show, Hidden Brain, who was interviewing Psychologist, Kennon Sheldon. This discussion on our identity and being true to ourselves was a deep and fascinating talk that one might extrapolate to neurological and psychological conditions.

I highly urge my readers to listen to this talk and if you have Netflix and have not yet viewed Jonah Hill’s documentary, Stutz, to pay attention to this film. I found fuel and inspiration in both shows.

Another exciting addition from the media, that I was grateful to find out about came from CBS Saturday Morning. The brilliant innovator, Garrett Brown, who developed what is known as the Steadicam, has revolutionized the wheelchair. See how the Zeen, is offering more mobility options and providing greater flexibility to all the people with the need for a better device for safe mobility. I found this story to be inspiring and exciting! I hope that you find it helpful. 

A picture of the blue sky and Gateway Arch by Karl Robb 2023

The media gets blamed for a great deal, but it can bring us hope and education. #MotivationMonday