Stutz promo image from Netflix

Jonah Hill’s movie, Stutz, is a must see!

Jonah Hill’s intimate, deep and powerful, insightful, and illuminating documentary film, Stutz, unleashes so many important topics for discussion and expression that can lead to healing and understanding! Here is a documentary that we have been waiting for! This is more than entertaining conversation-this is caring, sharing, and real essential talk. This is just what we need—at just the right time.

What I thought was just an interview with his psychiatrist, turned into a tender, elevated, thoughtful, conversation about our relationships, how we speak with others, mental health issues and life lessons. There is so much richness packed into their revealing dialogue and the obvious loving bond that Hill and his psychiatrist, Phil Stutz, share together and the creative tools that he offers.

Real Caring and Communication

If you have a connection with Parkinson’s disease, then I urge you to watch it and share. Without telling too much, Parkinson’s disease becomes an important part of the talk, but this documentary has so much depth and thoughtful pieces to ponder, that there are numerous elements to unpack from this novel film. I am so excited to see such candor and awareness in a film that has such a large exposure. I think films like this one can create learning, discussion, education, and really bring understanding about so much! For me, I was moved by the love and respect for one another and of their real caring and communication.

Netflix Does It Again

There is a multitude of choices and overwhelming goodness of the options that Netflix has to offer! I am not selling you on the Netflix service, I just want to make you aware of this recent gem that I found just by accident, just as I did before, when I turned friends and family to the Oscar winning, My Octopus Teacher. If you haven’t seen My Octopus Teacher, I encourage everyone to see it, at least once. I whole-heartedly believe that this documentary is one of the very best. Touching, thought-provoking, and beautiful, both films take you through an emotional journey. Stutz, much like My Octopus Teacher has a beauty about it that you’ll want to share and probably watch multiple times.