Picture of red and green peppers by Karl Robb with text Motivation Monday on top in white font

Making a choice!

Today’s Motivation Monday is on deciding to take charge of our lives. I am even asking you to make a decision. There are two variations of today’s quote images to pick from. One quote has a blue gradient background and the other has my vibrant photo of fresh summer peppers. Pick one or both–you have a choice!

The quote today comes from my book and may need a little explanation. When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, the neurologist, at that time, did not offer hope, solutions, empathy, or any kind of support outside of medicine. 

Thirty years later, I am happy to see changes from our doctors recommending exercise, boxing, yoga, walking, meditation, support groups, speech therapy, and even more. Had I chosen to believe that I was dealing with a chronic illness with no options, I would not be here thirty years later. I made a choice. #MotivationMonday

Picture of red and green peppers by Karl Robb




Blue gradient with text Programming us to accept that we will only get worse and feel worse can be as dangerous as it is powerful. page 67 in the book A Soft Voice in a Noisy World by Karl Robb