Path in Park by Karl Robb

Are You A Little Lost? You Are Not Alone! We Are in Transition.

I find myself spinning my wheels rather than keeping focused on what I should be doing. The distractions are boundless. Procrastination has become far too easy! Time seems to have a way of escaping me. Getting those tasks that need completing takes more work. Timing, prioritization, and maintaining focus is slowly becoming more of a challenge.

Path in Park by Karl Robb
Path in Park by Karl Robb

What once flowed faster and easier, requires more thought and commitment, than it used to. Whether it is aging, Parkinson’s disease, the world of today, or the complete combination, to get over the roadblocks takes more effort and better navigation.

Trying to juggle an informative and timely blog for over 12 years, with many more posts to come, takes planning, timeliness, and understanding of the illness. Balancing my health, my life, and my blog gets more complicated, as I get older.

If I do not keep my focus and stay aware of my mood, my thoughts, and keep on point, I risk not doing my best work. Increasing my mindfulness meditation and completing more concentration exercises may be just the tools I need to improve my focus.

Having a plan is a great start. Implementing that plan and the execution of the plan will take effort, intention, and sheer commitment. To make the change may require baby steps and building the routine all over again. In a time where the world can be as uncertain as our health, making certain adjustments in our future, socialization, or just our daily activities, become harder to plan for.

Predicting our Parkinson’s disease or really any illness is on an individual basis. Prognosis for neurological disorders with precision and with any depth of time may really be dependent upon genes, lifestyle, diet, exercise, attitude, luck, strength, and more luck.

 Our mental strength is every bit as important as the workout that we run our physical body through. The relationship with our neurologist that advises us can do just so much, leaving the void between visits, an opportunity for us to unveil options both spiritual, physical, or mental.

Maintaining and trying to wrangle any illness with success is a full-time job. Illness can require sacrifices and trade-offs that are necessary, yet not the easiest to make.  Remember, that you are in charge and you have decisions to steer your future forward, even if the road is a little foggy and bumpy.

 The more that you do for your mind, your body, and your spirit, the better that you can make it through this period of transition.


  1. You always seem to capture that moment in time when everything is at peace with you aside from the distractions of the world and on some higher plain. I picture your spirit animal must be a deer grazing in green pastures despite the hidden dangers of predatory animals that lurk in the shadows. I’m not sure what that means but I just feel very philosophical today. You rock brother!

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