Fall Foliage

A Passion for Pictures

For over forty years, I have had at least one camera in my hand. There is true joy in capturing a beautiful moment in nature and time. I lose myself in the moments behind the camera. Parkinson’s disease symptoms seem to vanish briefly, as I focus on the image at hand. It takes my complete attention.

Call it therapy or a distraction, photography has become a wonderful tool that has a positive impact on my body, mind, and spirit. I find myself calmer, focused, and less symptomatic. The results of my camera can be jittery, out of focus, or less interesting than I first thought. On that rare occasion when I produce an image that stands out, that is when I am left with a shot that I feel truly proud and eager to show. My new redesign of this website allows me to show my huge collection of shots via slideshow (there’s a taste of some of my photos below.)

Photography may not be my cure to Parkinson’s disease but for a brief time, it is my respite away from my symptoms. I find viewing and taking these photos engrossing and transformative. Together, my poor eyesight and the lens of the camera work as one. There are times that I see what others may not. No, I do not hallucinate– I just see it from another perspective.

My subjects have not varied much over my lengthy affair with the camera. Favorite subjects range from animals, wildlife, landscapes, beauty, the strange, the unique, and whatever catches my eye. If I feel connected to it, I become determined to capture the image. The light and the framing make each photo unique, like each person with Parkinson’s disease. There are times when I miss a great shot and there are usually no second chances, but when you get it right, it can be glorious!

There is magic in nature. Nature photography is a healing and soothing experience. Beautiful images produce a wonderful feeling that I connect with, identify with, and lose myself in. I would compare photography to be like a meditation. Hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices must agree in the benefit of nature to provide relief from pain and anxiety. I have no doubt about the positive impact of a beautiful image.

Each of us has our own passion knowingly or unknowingly. Discovering the passion that moves us may take searching and time. Once the passion is discovered, make the most of it.


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