The Gypsy Is A Diamond To Appreciate!

Writer, educator, author,  commentator, philosopher, Earl Nightingale used to speak of “diamonds in your backyard.” I remember listening to my father’s old cassette tapes and Nightingale’s smooth honey-dripping mellifluous voice would dispense nuggets of wisdom that even as a young boy, I remember to this very day. The story referring to diamonds was about a man searching and scouring the world for diamonds and wealth and all the things in life that he didn’t have. The man in the story didn’t focus on all the joys and positive gifts in his life.Instead, he chose to overlook them all and take them for granted. It wasn’t until he finally got home to look in his own backyard did he see that he had a diamond mine sitting  there the whole time.

A different but similar story triggered this recollection of my childhood memory of Earl’s story. I read about The Gypsy and how she was overlooked and taken for granted until it was discovered that she was much more! In fact, she was such a diamond that Illusionist David Copperfield desperately wants her for his prized collection. Check it out. It’s amazing!