10 Things To Do To Improve Your Day

1) Forgive the person who cut you off or took your parking spot. Let that stupid or insensitive comment go, even if it hurt you. Rise above hurtful talk and poor behavior and just let it vaporize.

2) Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. Do something unexpected like come home from work to play with your dog and/or kids, take your spouse out for lunch, or something as simple as a love poem and a hug.

3) Call a friend that you think of often but haven’t spoken to for awhile. Don’t put it off anymore.

4) Do at least 3 kind deeds a day whether it is complimenting someone, opening a door, or helping a neighbor with their computer troubles.

5) Share some helpful  knowledge with others, either through an email, Facebook, Twitter, phone call, or in person.

6) Give the animals in your life extra time for affection, play, and grooming. You both will appreciate it.

7) Make the last thing you say (and say it slowly and clearly) on a voicemail your phone number so the receiver has easy access to your number.

8) The next time you  get angry, try replacing that feeling with compassion for someone else.

9) A simple smile can brighten your day and other’s too.

10) Laugh as much as you can.