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Today is the Day to Make a Step Forward

Today is the day to make a step forward!
Today is the day to expand my mind!
Today is the day to strengthen my body!
Today is the day to feed my spirit with hope!
This is your day to start to do something for yourself. This is your day to make the challenges in your life a little less challenging!
Finding the balance of our body, mind, and spirit makes for a harmonious and peaceful goal! Pursuing balance in all three areas is a constant practice!

Today is the day to make a step forward


  1. Yesterday I hosted a birthday party for my granddaughter, who turned 21. She had requested that she celebrate at my house and that I cook her favorite dinner. I am often tempted, these days, to use the Parkinson’s excuse to opt out of challenges, but, instead, I just decided to lighten my load by asking others to bring a few of the food items. The fatigue of this disease tells me to say “No” so often, and yet, I want to keep doing and living and giving my grandchildren the experiences they rely on me for.
    I may not always be able to push through and do as much as I want to, but I am teaching my girls that I can ask for a little help and that I may need even more help later.
    Yesterday was full of love and laughter and the delight of being in the midst of my girls. I’m so grateful that, this time I was able to accept the challenge, ask for a little help and make it happen. I fully understand that there may come a time when I need to allow the girls to cook for me. I hope I have the grace to allow that to happen, so the parties can continue.

    1. Thank you, Marcia! Great to here from you! We are so glad that you read and enjoy our articles. Hope that you are well!

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