yellow tulips by Karl Robb 2023

Friendships while Facing Parkinson’s

Yellow tulips 2023 by Karl RobbFriendships while facing Parkinson’s disease will either strengthen or eliminate friendships. You will notice that some friendships were really just not what you thought they were while others are stronger than you expected. Move on and develop deeper relationships and friendships with people that accept your condition and can be a supportive part of your life.

Having had Parkinson’s disease for over 30 years, I have had the pleasure to meet people all over the world, because of Parkinson’s disease.  My wife and I have attended at least 30+ regional and national conferences, 3 World Parkinson’s Congresses (soon a 4th), and spoken to numerous groups across the United States of America. The common thread of our community is that we all are going through the changes of this illness together. Sharing what is working and may provide some benefit is a common topic shared amongst support groups.

Whether it is Rock Steady Boxing, Speakout! and LOUD CROWDs, young onset PD events, support groups, fellow bloggers/authors/podcast hosts, Connexion events, I feel the connection and camaraderie! 

Here are a few photos from these events:

Photo from HU Connexion 2019

Photo of John Ball and Karl Robb

White House Champions of Change for Parkinson's Left to right: Karl Robb, Angela Robb, Greg Wasson, Davis Phinney