Illness Teaches

Illness teaches a whole new perspective on living. #MotivationMonday

Chronic illness changes lives and forces those of us with conditions to realize how precious every single day is to us. We can appreciate what some may not see.

Photo of sunrise over Shenandoah River by Karl Robb Illness teaches a whole new perspective on living.


  1. Karl. Love your comment! Thank you so much. What is fascinating is prospective on so many things….small but in so many incredible ways….ex. Covid….How can I get my hair cut? It has never grown beyond the nap of my neck since I was 14 years old mainly because I had bigger fish to fry rather than primping in the mirror…(never quite shook the lesson taught in church that looking in the mirror and primping was vanity). I am now 80 housebound with Parkinson’s and covid isolation—I looked at my hair and let it happen——i pampered it -it started to grow long and look really nice…….I learned a lesson that should have been taught to all in first grade. If you celebrate that which is beautful about the body, you begin to gain control over it and the realization hits you…….IF YOU LOOK GOOD). (Mind you, I was isolated and saw nobody for months on end so it was never about show (it is all about ME)). You feel good and you realize that Parkinson’s is the coming together of a myriad of causes many of which I could simply changed and even reverse the symptoms. If I simply stay teachable========the program for complete recovery is programed deep within me——-(blocked) by my cluttered brain, wicked ADD) and God knows what makes mindfulness seem silly in our society. Enough said… really calls for pages to explain the process that started when I began to really care about myself with covid and remembered a saying, “Don’t serve time-let time serve you”. all we at 80 years old have is time! …Thanks again Karl. – I think you are great1

    1. Judy, you are so insightful and wise! Your words of wisdom are well said and a thing of beauty! Thank you for this gift to me –and us all! I wish you the very best and appreciate that you read my words. Please be well!

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