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The Mighty’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease

Image by The Mighty

The Mighty, one of the largest online information resources on various illnesses, recently launched their own Parkinson’s disease guide. The guide is broken into 5 segments:

Overview:  https://themighty.com/2020/07/what-is-parkinsons-disease/

What’s Inside the Guide?

The whole guide does a marvelous job of explaining Parkinson’s disease in an easy to read format that is informative and helpful. The guide provides a thorough description of the medical issues related to this complex neurological illness. There are articles in the resource section that you may find helpful.

The Mighty has produced a comprehensive and thorough tool that will benefit and educate even those people who think they know about Parkinson’s disease.”

Karl Robb

In full disclosure, I contributed to one of the articles, along with some of your favorite Parkinson’s disease bloggers. Like all good resources, read the material thoroughly before making any changes and check with your neurologist prior to altering your regimen. Everyone is unique, so consider all side-effects to medications and procedures when evaluating your treatments.