Remembering Our Animals

Four-Legged Friends

The animals in our lives can leave long lasting imprints that help to make us who we are. Our awareness for creating a connection with another animal awakens our character and that feeling of responsibility. There is a warm and joyful knowing that comes with the bond in that the animals reciprocate the loving and loyalty that is shown to them.

“I am grateful to all of them, for life lessons that I might have never experienced, had it not been for them”.


The bond between dog, cat, or most any animal, when taken seriously and with care, molds our values, teaches compassion, and expands our sensitivity for the value of life. When we care for another life, be it animal or human, we control the fate and destiny of another being—a being that will become a member of your family for years to come.

As I reflect on all the wonderful animal companions that I have lived with, grown up with, or had the chance to meet, I find myself wondering what my life would have been like had I not made these wonderful friendships.

Losing A True Friend

The death of an animal in the family never gets easier. The longing for their company, their noises, and overall comforting personality provides a security and a blanket of assurance like few, if any others.  

Animal companions provide companionship and caring moments unlike any other relationship. Animals have an innate sense of reading our moods and knowing when we need their comforting attention. They can pick up our day by making us laugh and smile or surprise us with zany antics. Whatever the case, they keep us moving, social, interactive, and responsible. Animal connections can keep us healthy and bring on wellness. Whether you have a chronic condition or not, having animals in your life can be good for you.

The treasured memories along with the thousands of photos and videos will help to keep many of those that I have lost fresh and center. While the pain and loss are far from forgotten, the animals in my life brought me so much joy. I am grateful to all of them for life lessons that I might have never experienced, had it not been for them.