The Home in Transition!

Are you staying productive?

Home has become so much more than just a place to hang our hats, rest our weary bodies, prepare our meals, or clean our dirty skivvies! This pandemic has led us to turning our family homes into a workplace, an online schoolhouse, and with telemedicine, our doctor’s office. The safety and convenience of telemedicine have altered and changed life as we know it, for good.

It seems as if my daily calendar serves less of a purpose! I would never lose track of the week-ugh!

Karl Robb on daily maintenance

Being at home has constant temptations. Rewarding myself with an occasional comfort food is only justified. In this strange and scary pandemic, food and cooking has become even more precious to us all, as we quarantine in our homes. Some of us choose to remain home and others remain for their own safety.

Has Home Become Confining?

Shawshank Redemption and Escape from Alcatraz have gained even greater appreciation in this household. Searching for the freedom that is in jeopardy, may no longer be there, even outside these walls.

Our homes are our castles but missing vacation or even a safe summer getaway to the beach or to the mountains can leave us feeling like we are in the dungeon. I love my wife and my home, but I admit that there are days where I have never felt so confined. I have checked my ankle and wrist I am unable to identify a monitoring device– and yet I remain at home by choice and necessity.

Of course, I jest— a little.

No travel. No visiting support groups in person. No conventions, symposiums, lectures, in person speaking engagements.

My dishwasher maybe slowing down from overuse KP duty. Then again, what isn’t wearing down, from extended use, due to home quarantining.