A Fresh Start!

Happy New Year! With the New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start and an optimistic outlook to the future. This new year is a clean slate for you to make beter use of your time, be a better husband, wife, or parent, make a difference in your community, turn  a creative endevour into a book or money-making project, or just lose the 5 pounds you gained over the holiday season.

Photo Of The Week:

New Years’ resolutions are great for some of us and terribly oppressive and overwhelming for the rest of us. In principle, making a list of what we hope and wish to accomplish in the near future is admirable and may appear to be organized, one wonders if it has value or are we just teasing ourselves? Keeping within realistic boundaries and avoiding the miraculous is probably the key.

As much as I want to win the PowerBall or Mega Millions, I refrain from adding it to my long list of resolutions. Add your dreams to a journal or a separate list but keep your list of resolutions within a logical and attainable reach.

With all this said, I announce what I hope is a new effort here at A Soft Voice In A Noisy World. One of my resolutions for the new year is to add helpful educational information, inspirational, thoughtful, and entertaining content that I can share with  people across the world. With your help as a reader, I ask that if what you find here to be of interest that you share this site with  1  or more friends who you think may find this worthwhile reading.

With the new year it is my intention to post no less than 3 days a week including a picture of the week every Monday. Feel free to comment on the photo and tell me what you think about it or anything posted on this blog. Thank You!

Let’s make 2011 a better year for everyone!