Uncovering Potential Through Illness

I consider myself to be a positive person. Like any normal human there are those days where my positivity waivers. I am likely paying the price of my attention to the news and social media that are feeding me disturbing sights and sounds–many which, sadly, are beyond my ability to control or fix. 

There are elements in my life which I have some ability to make a difference. I admit the Parkinson’s disease can be a deterrent in making a change. This illness has given me the awareness that I may contribute to demystifying this perplexing disease. Parkinson’s disease has made me aware that I can assist others and those in a small but meaningful way. Doing what I can while I can helps me by helping others. I can’t save the world, but tuning it out, on occasion, reminds me that I can think and feel a little better. Illness inspired me to build something positive that may help everyone it touches.

Photo of Skyline Drive with mountain by Karl Robb