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Choosing hope on Motivation Monday

Dear Friends and Readers,

Hope is a precious tool. It can drive us through the most difficult of times. Hope rejuvenates our drive. Without hope, we may drift and forget our direction toward the path that we had set out. On occasion, we all need a nudge to get back to where we should be going.

We wish you and your families a safe and healthy Christmas, New Years, and 2021! May all your resolutions be easily resolved and many  (you have to keep dreaming) of your dreams become realities! 

Choose Hope graphic It is better to live with hope instead of uncertainty.


  1. Karl and Angela, we’re wishing you a joyous & peaceful Christmas, and a safe & healthy New Year.. We now have hope of getting back to some semblance of normalcy later in 2021 and that gives us hope! Hugs to both of you!
    Pat & Barry

    1. Thanks Pat, We wish you Barry a very happy and safe year ahead! We look forward to seeing you both, again, very soon!

  2. Thanks for the “nudge” in your Motivational Monday msg. Only 10 days left in 2020 and after all this year has given us I think I’ll stay up to welcome 2021! Thanks to you & Angela for nudges and virtual hugs!

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