A New Look with More to Offer at ASoftVoice.com

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Thank you to our readers and subscribers for visiting and sharing our Parkinson disease focused blog, www.asoftvoice.com.

Our site has undergone a big redesign to improve your experience and navigation with much more to come.  As one of the early blogs on Parkinson’s disease that is written by a person with the illness, it was released in 2008. We are compelled to provide our readers with an easier and faster access to our articles, a more appealing visual experience, and a focus on inspirational, uplifting, and supportive tools.

We have a large archive of information, including:

  • A full archive of over 400 articles, interviews, lists and helpful tips on living with Parkinson’s disease and chronic health conditions!
  • Link to 50+ articles on Parkinsonsdisease.net by me and numerous talented bloggers covering a range of Parkinson’s related topics.
  • A cornucopia of information in our Tools and Resource section to point our readers to Parkinson’s blogs, podcasts, foundations, lectures, and tools.
  • Launching soon – Inspiration Alley – which will include uplifting articles, inspirational YouTube videos, photo galleries, and more!

“…a focus on inspirational, uplifting, and supportive tools.”

-Karl Robb

For the first time, we are offering our new and original subscribers, a thank you gift of three wellness checklists, in an all-in-one easy to read PDF. To those of you who do not want to miss a new post, please just provide your name and email! (We do not share or sell our list!)

Written by author Karl Robb, who has had Parkinson’s disease well over 30 years and author of two books, ASoftVoice.com is meant to be a resource for new and unique outlooks in dealing with this mysterious illness called Parkinson’s disease. Karl’s wife and carepartner, Angela, contributes articles on caregiving and Rock Steady boxes daily with Karl.

Come join us for support, health ideas, and a new perspective. We would love your feedback and comments.


  1. Karl, you and Angela are the best! You offer help and hope to so many people. Thank you for all you do.

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