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Headspace – The App that nudged me back on track.

Technology for the Mind

Technology for the Mind

There are stories with morals and themes of those searching the world for vast fortunes of gold, diamonds, and silver. Explorers canvas the world for glory, fame, and fortune. There are those of us who seek more in our daily life who just want to be productive, healthy, and functional. True discovery is that we have the capability to achieve, attain, and succeed with what we have without searching all over the world for knowledge that is in our own backyard. We have the tools to draw from in our kit if we take the time realize that the tool is there.

Dorothy had the power all of the time but didn’t knowingly realize it until she was leaving Oz. Realizing that you are more capable and able takes some reminding.

I have a good idea of what I am supposed to do and be able to do.  When I deviate from the direction that I know that I need to go, I can falter. It took the assistance of a simple App on my iPhone called, Headspace: Meditation techniques for mindfulness, stress relief & peace of mind, to bring me back to balance, focus, and my path. For someone who preached the benefits of meditation, I had taken the tool out of the kit, only to leave a huge void in taking care of myself. Thanks to the App, I have regained focus and have re-constructed my daily practice.

Who would have that thought a piece of technology, like Headspace, could be so instrumental in reviving my peace and calm. I didn’t see it coming, but the App reminded me that I had the power all along and that I needed a nudge to return to my path. If you are interested in exploring Headspace, click on the link or look in your App store for more information.

You can try it for 10 10-minute sessions, before you decide if you want to pay the monthly fee. I plan to stay with the product and see the benefits that it offers. This is a daily practice that I think that I can follow. You might look into it.

My book is almost done!

If you follow my blog, I thank you for all your support and I apologize for not posting more often. I am excited to announce that my book is near completion and will be released within the next month. More coming soon!


Motherhood at it’s best!

Motherhood at it's best!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Keeping Relations Alive

Illness shouldn’t break up a family. It shouldn’t come between  spouses. Friendships shouldn’t  end because one of you is ill. The truth of the matter, sadly, is that illness tests the family, the spouse, and your interaction with friends. Change of any kind mixed with insecurity and doubt about one’s security is frightening for all involved parties.

This is where  communication,  understanding, patience, strength, and compassion must be expressed swiftly and thoroughly. If there was love when you both were healthy, then there ought to be love when either of you are sick. Marriage vows state “in sickness and in health”.  Real love means taking care of those that you care about as best and as long as you can. I will add as a patient and one who is sensitive to, and aware of caregiver burnout– that caregivers  need to be taken care of as desperately as the afflicted, to assure the health of everyone involved. In many ways, the relationships between friends and family can be strengthened if we treat one another with proper awareness, respect,  and appreciation.


-Share your fears with each other and don’t hide your feelings. Show your support and love for one another through your personal strength, faith,  support groups, professional counseling, or mentor. You are stronger than you know. You are not the first person to be tested by what you are going through. This is the time to take stock in your life. Maybe, just maybe, doors close but windows open for a reason. Stay on top of your situation and seek help as you need it from family, friends, the local community. Do your research about the services that are available to you locally, statewide, federally, and even internationally.  The world is quickly becoming a smaller place thanks to the internet and the sharing of information.


-Common ground isn’t always easy to find when one party is in discomfort and the other has a clean bill of health. Just the act of trying to imagine another’s challenges can help to put negotiations back on track. Taking the time to listen, observe, and feel another’s pain, can make tremendous change for bonding and healing.


Finding that part of you that slows the mind and targets the need for anything other than a focus on improving one another is essential. Patience is a virtue that you can attain with breathe, realization, commitment, and keeping love alive. Understand that all parties must observe patience for this to work efficiently and equally.


-I will admit that this one may take time, effort, exploration, and even outside assistance. Find what works for you.  Maintaining your wits in a crisis is not easy and takes a unique skill set.  Dealing with the added stress can take a toll and injure anyone around us. Whether you need a massage, to go to the shooting range, breaking  something (a non-dangerous and inexpensive object that provides emotional release), pop bubble wrap (reported to be a great stress reliever), working out, singing, or having  coffee with a friend. Finding what works for you is crucial.


-Loving yourself and someone else is what makes for a complete relationship. It is not egotistical to love oneself.  If one is unable to love oneself, a spouse or friend faces a demanding task. It is of vital importance to maintain our connection with others. There is beauty in the world. There is kindness even in the darkest  corners. The human is a resilient and crafty being.    

Wayne Dyer, prolific author and lecturer, has a great saying, “Don’t die with the music still in you!”  Do your best at doing what you  can and surprise yourself . You might just change and see a change for the better. This is my opinion–what’s yours?

Do you have a credo that you want to share? What do you do to improve your relationships? Does illness cost you relationships?  Do you share a positive attitude with others?

I want to hear from you!



Photo Of The Week – Orchid In Full Bloom

Beautiful Orchid

After experiencing a 45 second rattle from the 5.9 earthquake, I thought I would share some beauty to counteract the disturbances of the day. Please enjoy!

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