Back from Portland–The 4th World Parkinson Congress (WPC)!

Portland Parkinson's Event!
4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon, US!

Last week, over 4000 Parkinson’s advocates, patients, researchers, speech pathologists, neurologists, authors, those living with Parkinson’s, carepartners/caregivers, family and friends, and those interested in Parkinson’s disease all convened on the beautiful northwest city of Portland, Oregon. #WPC2016, an event only held every 3 years (next to be held in Kyoto Japan in 2019), assembled news makers, scientists, doctors, and patient experts who discussed the latest information in Parkinson’s.

Vendors spanning the globe brought the latest in equipment, tools, medicines and procedures, and therapies for improving the lives of those living with Parkinson’s.

Due to flight delays and adverse weather, my updates have been delayed, but watch for my next post for more pics and my talk with the Editor of the blog, The Shoe Maven, the fashionable and inspirational Tonya Walker, as well as some other observations from this wonderful event.

Here are some photos:

Sonia and a smaller Parky.
Sonia and a smaller Parky.
GLynis from New Zealand and me.
Dylis from New Zealand and me.


Saying "Hi" to Parky the Raccoon.
Saying “Hi” to Parky the Raccoon.



What a coast!
What a coast!
Great Parks!
Great Parks!


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  1. Truly it was an awesome experience! There is none other like it. Everyone with a connection to PD, young, old, newly diagnosed, advanced, scientist, doctor, foundation or support group and many more all under one roof. I came away with so much information I needed another suit case even in the age of digital. There were a lot of takeaways from the breakout sessions and even more promising research among the 500 abstract submissions. I can’t wait for Kyoto, Japan in 2019. Well, a little rest would be nice.

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