Five or More with Carol Walton, CEO of The Parkinson Alliance

Meet the people leading the Parkinson's organizations!
Meet the people leading the Parkinson’s organizations!

Carol J. Walton, CEO of The Parkinson Alliance has been a long-time friend (I met her not long after my diagnosis) on my Parkinson’s journey. I am pleased to have Carol on the blog, today, to share her answers to my questions. Here are eight questions to get to know Carol. Five of them are strongly encouraged that she responds to. The remaining three questions are by choice.

Thanks to Carol for participating!

Required questions:

Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, or Ethiopian—what is your favorite cuisine? Totally Italian

What do you like on your pizza? EVERYTHING except anchovies—my favorite is Hawaiian Pizza—ham & pineapple!!

Of the four seasons, which is your favorite time of the year? FALL—unless I am in California—then I love them all!!!

How many World Parkinson Congress events have you attended? All of them

What are you looking forward to most in Portland, site of the WPC 2016? Networking…so many people will be there from the US—already have 10 meetings set up!!!


Tell us something about yourself that we might not know about you that you would like to share.

Where would you like to go, that you have never been before? Africa

What is the Parkinson Alliance working on that you would like to tell us? Our work in patient surveys and patient education. Margaret Tuchman has had PD for over 37 years and had DBS in 2000. She is now dedicating her life to educating the PD community about DBS therapy…..great if you are the right candidate. We do this through patient surveys and have completed 22 surveys…over 16,000 responses. Our last survey on Cognition had 1551 participants….and about 1/3 had DBS. Very good information and totally free. We hope people stop by The Parkinson Alliance booth at WPC—we also will have a poster on NUTRITION!!!

Many thanks to Carol!