An App Sure To Make You Laugh!

This posting, while it may appear to be a departure from my usual rant on Parkinson’s disease is actually still in the same realm. For the next few postings I plan to inform and maybe even entertain you with some useful apps for your Ipod or Iphone that may help your Parkinson’s, make your life easier or better, educate you, improve eye hand coordination, improve cognition, make you laugh, or put a smile on your face.

 In Samuel L. Jackson’s Words

If today’s app doesn’t make you laugh or at least smile, then I wonder what will? This addictive, brilliant, outrageously funny app, isamjackson, will have you and your friends howling with laughter. The variety of clever retorts, pieces of sagely Sam Jackson wisdom, smart ass quips, and strange comments, make this app a must have. isamjackson is full of hundreds of pithy phrases for any event in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice in the style only he can deliver. There is a version that cost 99 cents that includes expletives, but I have not bought it at this time–maybe, but not yet. I love this app, if you can’t tell. This is one funny app! What can be better than letting Samuel L. Jackson speak for you? Imagine a nonsensical app that is a free download and is pure fun.

Believe me, here is an app that is truly enjoyable and worthy of gracing your I-device. The only app that I can even think that might rival an app in this genre would be a Mr. T app, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for it.

If you download isamjackson, let me know what you think. Please subscribe so that you remain current when this site is updated.

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  1. Now this I got covered. Gretchen and I have no problem laughing, its stopping that is the problem!

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